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What You Need To Start A Billboard Business

The billboard industry comprises of companies that create advertisements displayed on billboards. They use printed material, painted boards and electronic media. These billboards are displayed everywhere, and they're easily visible. You can spot them from a distance in areas such as public modes of transport, shopping venues like malls and stores and along highways. Billboards appear wherever there's significant consumer footfalls and traffic.


If you're thinking of starting a billboard business, you'll need a license from the city or the state where you'll put up your billboards. For example, New York City requires that you apply for a Billboard, Building Sign, or Awning Permit. You might also have to renew some permits annually. You often can get the information you need from your state's department of transportation or by enquiring at city hall. Different cities have varying regulations regarding the dimensions of the signs you are allowed to put up.

Finding Locations

You'll need to pick sites to install your billboards. Choose sites that have easy visibility from busy roads and streets. You can lease these spaces and buildings from their owners. If you're thinking of putting your billboards along highways, you'll need to look for tracts of land and zones where the boards are permitted. The Highway Beautification Act requires that you maintain a minimum distance between billboards, so check for the guidelines applicable in your state.

Renting out Sites

Companies and businesses looking for advertising venues might want to rent or lease your spots to put up billboards.  Calculate the fee or rent based on the length of time your billboard will display the advertisement, the location, and the type of billboard you're using. The fee you can charge will climb depending on the quality of the board's visibility. You can also partner with professional freelancers or media companies to help the advertising businesses create and design the ads. Other important partnerships include the following:

  • Electrical companies  - to connect the billboards to power sources
  • Construction companies - to build frames, catwalks and support for the billboards

Types of Billboards

The very basic type of billboard is made of PVC vinyl or polyethylene plastic sheets. You'll print details on this sheet, and then stretch it to fit over a steel frame.  Other popular billboards includes the following:

  • Mechanical boards have triangular prisms, or trilons, which are made of backlit vinyls. These rotate at regular intervals, creating different advertisements. You can use them for illuminated viewing at night.
  • Digital billboards are computer-controlled and display a series of promotional images much like your digital photo frame.
  • Mobile boards are printed on metal sheets and mounted on taxicabs, the sides and insides of buses. You also can place them in train stations, airports, street corners, street benches and lampposts.

Stand out from the crowd by making sure you remain in step with current technologies. In the 21st century, the latest billboards are high-definition video display clips. Talk to experts like Hightech Signs for more information.