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Cleaning And Storing Vinyl Banners For Annual Promotions

Running annual promotions for your business can help increase the sales substantially. One nice thing about running annual promotions is that you don't have to replace the vinyl banners that you hang to catch the interest of those passing by your business. If you clean and store them properly, you can use the same banner time and time again sparing yourself the expense of replacing it. Below, you will find out how to prepare and store your banner until you need it once again.

Clean the Vinyl Banner

Find an area large enough for you to place the banner flat on the ground. Lay a tarp down to protect the underside of the banner from dirt as you clean the top.

Dust off the loose dirt with a clean cloth, broom or dust mop. The more dirt you can get off of the banner before you continue with a cleaning solution, the easier the cleaning process will be.

Now, mix one tablespoon of liquid dish soap with a gallon of very hot water. Dip a sponge in the solution and wring it out well. You want the sponge to be wet enough to clean the surface without using so much water that it runs all over the place.

  • Tip: For extremely large banners, a flat mop can be used to clean it. Flat mops have a terry cloth or microfiber cover that is removed to dip into the cleaning solution and replaced on the head of the mop. This will cut the cleaning time substantially.

Dry the banner to the best of your ability using clean towels. If you have an open space large enough to hang the banner to finish drying, do so. If not, continue drying it with a towel and use a fan to dry the remaining moisture.

Store the Vinyl Banner

Once the banner is completely dry, it is time to pack it up for storage. The best way to store your banner is by rolling it up – don't fold it or you will cause creases that are difficult to smooth. Banners that have vinyl graphics on them should be rolled up with the lettering facing outwards. Banners that are printed digitally should be rolled up with the lettering facing inwards.

Store your banner in a cardboard tube. If you don't have a cardboard tube and cannot find one to fit it in, use string or bungee cords to hold the banner in the rolled up position and place it in a cardboard box that it will fit in. This will protect it from dust and dirt without trapping any remaining moisture inside.

Find an area that is cool, dry and out of the sun to store the banner. Heat and moisture can cause the banner to become discolored and moldy, so choose the storage area carefully.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it will save you the expense of replacing the banner for your annual sale next year. If you're looking to purchase a banner, visit Genesis Signs.