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Unusual Places To Put Your Large Format Print Signs

Regardless of what you are trying to sell, you are going to need to get as much exposure for your company as possible by advertising all over the place. You might have ads online, on the radio, or on the television, as well as posted all over your town. Because many companies are vying for the attention of potential customers, it's absolutely critical to ensure that your ads stand out as much as possible. In order to do this, you are going to need to make sure that you place your print ads strategically. You can do this by placing them in locations where they are not going to be overwhelmed by the ads of other companies. Here are some possible places to put your signs that you might not ordinarily think of.

1. Under Glass Tabletops at Food Courts

Talk to any places that sell food near you. These could be food courts at the mall, individual fast casual restaurants, or groups of restaurants that have banded together to create an outdoor eating space that any patron of the group of restaurants could enjoy. See if they have glass tabletops and advertising space beneath these glass tabletops. Many restaurants and food courts are trying to offset their costs by selling advertising space wherever they can and would be more than happy to have you pay to put your large format print signs beneath the tabletops. This will allow you to attract the focus of anyone who eats at these tables. Because most tables are not large enough to have two different ads under one table, you will have the sole attention of the potential customer.

2. On the Insides of Bathroom Stall Doors

Another option is to put your ad inside bathroom stall doors. A person using the stall will be facing your ad for a few minutes and will have the time to take in the ad, especially if he or she does not have his or her phone. Simply contact any companies that have public restrooms and ask if you could hang a framed or laminated, large format print sign in their bathrooms in exchange for a nominal fee. This doesn't hamper the company's business at all, so many companies will be open to this additional source of revenue.

3. On Shopping Carts

Finally, many grocery stores sell advertising space on their shopping carts, giving you another opportunity to put your sign somewhere where lots of people are going to see it but it's not going to be competing directly with other signs in the same area.

For more information, talk to a sign printer that specializes in large format print signs.

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