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3 Things You Should Make Sure Your Business Sign Has Before Completing Installation

The right sign can be the difference between getting a lot of new customers to contact you, or seeing your business growth start to plateau. Whether you are installing a new sign in front of your storefront or you are putting up a new advertisement near the highway, there are some things you should keep in mind in order to increase the effectiveness of your new sign. Here are 3 things you should check to make sure your sign has before going ahead with the sign installation.

Right Size and Placement

The correct size and placement is absolutely critical to making your new sign a success. If the sign is located outdoors, it should be large enough for passing drivers to read quickly without having to turn their heads or slow down in order to get the full message. Ideally, you want the sign to be installed somewhere close to your actual business's location. If it's an indoor sign, make sure it's located near whatever it is that you are trying to sell. Remember that you can always move your merchandise around to accommodate a sign, but it can be more difficult to move a large sign itself.

Contact Information

If your sign is located outdoors and designed to bring in new business, don't forget to add a way for a customer to contact you if they can't immediately make it to your place of business. Many business owners will put their street address or phone number along the bottom of a new sign, but there may be other ways to accomplish this task as well. For example, create a Twitter account for your business with a name that is easy to remember. This may be easier to recall than a phone number or a long address for some customers.

A Call to Action

Finally, every sign that you install shouldn't just inform potential customers about your business; it should also ask them directly for their business. A call to action can be something as simple as saying "Come in today!" at the end of the sign. The point is, you want to actually create an image in the potential customer's mind about what it is you want them to do. Asking the customer for the sale is a well-known successful sales tactic, but you shouldn't just do it out on the sales floor. Ask the customer to give you their business right from their first interaction with you.

Before calling a professional to get your new sign installation completed, take a step back and make sure the sign is ready to go. Have you identified the right size and location for the sign in order to maximize potential views? When finalizing the information on the new sign, don't forget to add easy to remember contact information and a call to action asking the customer for their business.

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