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A Multiple-Use Vinyl Banner

A vinyl banner is flexible and strong enough to last for years. To get the most out of a vinyl banner, design and print it in a size that can be used in multiple locations. Plan the text and graphics of your banner to be applicable during any season. Install grommets around the top, bottom, and sides of the banner so that it can be attached to different substrates. A well-designed vinyl graphic can be used repeatedly and continue to look crisp and new. If the vinyl banner gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The following is a list of multiple locations where you can display a vinyl banner:

  • Indoor Signage - Hung from the top grommets, a vinyl banner can be displayed indoors by being hung from the ceiling. This banner can be hung next to a wall or across a stage or display area hanging freely from the ceiling. When not needed, the banner can be rolled up and tied in place until it is unfurled and displayed again. 
  • Window Signage - Hung from corner grommets, a vinyl banner can be displayed in a window to attract walking and driving customers. This display option can also be rolled up and tied in place when not needed. Even if displayed with internal lighting, a vinyl banner can be easily read from outside. 
  • Awning Signage - Hung from the top grommets, a vinyl banner can be displayed on a shop or building awning. This banner can be attached directly to the metal substrate of the awning and weighted at the bottom to keep it from moving in the wind. Lights can be mounted on top of the banner to make it visible at night. 
  • Outdoor Signage - Mounted to a free-standing, metal holder, a vinyl banner could be displayed on lawns, parkways, in parking lots, and in front of stores and other buildings. The metal holder could be portable or permanently installed in place. As long as the banner is lit by lights, it can be easily seen at night. 
  • Vehicle Signage - Mounted on a wooden or metal sign holder, a vinyl banner could be mounted onto the side of a semi-truck, bus, automobile, or driven around in the back of a pickup truck. Vinyl is weather resistant, so it can be used in the rain, snow, or wind without damage. 

Design your vinyl banner with an easily read font with colorful graphics. A vinyl banner is perfect to display your business logo. With careful planning, your vinyl banner can advertise your business for many years, for a very small monetary investment. Contact a company like Mission Signs for more information.