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What Church Signs Should Deliver

Are you looking at buying a church sign or trying to order signage for a religious institution in a local area? Read on to get a short list of things to think about when you're evaluating the final results from a sign company.


Signs have to be large enough and well placed, so that people can use them to identify the church property. That means having the right kinds of signs at entrances and exits, and having signs that are large enough to be read from the road. Insufficient signage can confuse drivers and really lead to some inconvenience or even a lack of safety as people try to identify a building or property.

Graphic Design and Logo Work

These days, churches are more than just places of worship. In the United States, a church is a tax-exempt entity that has to manage its reputation and its standing in order to maintain proper financial operations. Church signs need to be properly branded and show the identity of the particular church, again, to make things clearer for visitors and to really represent the congregation and the institution well. So quality of design is important when selecting church signs – make sure there is a process for mocking up the signs so that you can see what the finished results will look like.


Church signs, like other property signs, also have to be durable. You can choose durable materials like vinyl or even sheet-metal, but it's important to make sure that the elements of design are properly placed to avoid excessive wear over time. It's also important to talk about the process and how the signs are being made, and whether they will stand up to certain weather conditions.


While many signs are best designed with bright colors, customers will have to talk to sign providers about the specific use of the signs and their placement. Some might be placed in front of targeted lights that will illuminate the signs at night. That can make a difference in materials and color choices.

Make sure to go over the details of a sign purchase before the signs are designed and delivered. Church signs are like any other kind of property signage -- they have to be well made and well designed in order to provide a good long-term result. Good products don't just happen by accident. They have to be crafted for effectiveness and longevity. Talk to a qualified sign provider like DeMars Signs about getting the right signs for your church.